Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ronson: Chapters 8 and 9

In chapter 8, David Shayler is introduced. He was a big conspiracy theorist who led many people to believe that Rachel North, a victim of a terrorist attack, did not actually exist and that none of this ever happened. Throughout the chapter, Shayler brought out more of his madness when he claimed that the 9/11 planes were not actually planes but missiles and later on identified himself as a Messiah. He even escaped the public eye a little before calling himself a Messiah by dressing himself as a woman and naming himself Delores. After all this, Shayler was shut out from the media. 

I thought both of these chapters were pretty interesting. Especially chapter 8 because conspiracy theories really capture my attention simply because they're a bit strange. It's so intriguing to see people take out all their energy and time and venture it all into coming up with these crazy stories to explain events as extreme as terrorist attacks. These chapters made me think about how people feed off of what others say and then go on to engrave it in other people's brains. It's weird how the world works like that. 

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