Monday, October 31, 2011

Gladwell's "Something Borrowed"

In "Something Borrowed," by Malcolm Gladwell, plagiarism is examined in depth. Gladwell looks at plagiarism by talking about a play called, "Frozen." The play was written by Bryony but it just so happened that Lavery's play was pretty much the exact same story that was in Dorothy Lewis's book, "Guilty by Reason of Insanity." Gladwell uses that as an example of a major plagiarism case and then goes on to talk about other plagiarizing cases, such as with music, papers, and all sorts texts. One of the many questions Gladwells asks is why didn't Lavery credit any of her sources? Gladwell meets with Lavery and Lavery, after reading all the reviews on her play, then realizes how wrong she was in doing that and feels ashamed of what she did.

I didn't like how Lavery used such childish excuses for why she didn't ask to use certain ideas that weren't hers. It didn't really make any logical sense to me that Lavery didn't know what she was doing wasn't right.   I just thought that was really weird. Overall, I feel like Gladwell did a good job in showing the reader how wrong it is to plagiarize. I feel like sometimes one can be copying someone else's work without even knowing but there are certain lines one absolutely cannot cross when it comes to using others' ideas.

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