Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 7 Summary: The Right Sort of Madness

In this chapter Ronson meets a woman named Charlotte who worked with different television programs including Trisha and Jerry Springer. Basically she looked for people who were considered "mad enough" to be candidates for the show she worked with. She explained to Ronson that she would asses their madness on the medications they were taking. She also talked about how her and others would mock and laugh at the candidates. At the very end of the chapter Ronson comes to the conclusion that what Charlotte does for a living is wrong and makes him feel a little better because what he is doing isn't nearly as bad.

I thought chapter 6 and 7 were interesting chapters, especially chapter 7. I never would've imagined people doing this for shows like Jerry Springer. It makes me think about how far people are willing to go to put on a good show. Even for journalists, I think many are more than willing to cross the line in order to bring a really juicy story to the public. I guess that's just how show biz works in many cases.

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