Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Research Exercise

“The cell-phone phenomenon reaches way beyond teenagers. There are 180 million cell-phone subscribers in the U.S. today, and we are no longer simply talking or text messaging or gaming” (Thottam et al, 2005).

This is an article I came across at the UW-Madison Libraries website. It is an issue from Time, which I believe is a pretty reliable source. It doesn’t have as much information as I would like to see but the information it provides is very interesting and can be useful for me in terms of my research paper. I think just by looking at this quote I can use this source as part of my lit review because it gives the reader a view on how much technology is incorporated in the everyday lives of young people. I would really like to use this source but I know I will need to get plenty of other sources as well.

“Kids have grown up to expect a two-way conversation, not a one-way lecture. This interactive reflex has a profound effect on what one academic has called their "habits of mind." Instead of simply absorbing information — from a teacher or even a book — they go out and find it” (Tapscott, 2008).

This is also another article I found by browsing UW-Madison’s Library homepage. This article is from Business Week Online that I thought was really interesting and is directly correlated to the topic I am writing about in my paper. I think this would also work really well with my literature review but I think it would also support my argument throughout my whole paper. I think this is a better source to use than the first one because it provides more information and it helps answer my research question a little better.

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